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I love how Santana just scoots over and cuddles into her. It’s the most natural thing in the world.

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Anonymous asked: you are beautiful


No. You are!


I dont care that they didnt have an amazing kiss, thats not even important. Also I am still recovering from last week. What matters is that this fandom is winning, THEY ARE BACK(well, technically leaving) but, BACK NONE THE LESS. Im glad things ended on a beautiful note with them. Now that they wont be on our screen for a month or so, I can rest easy. Thankyou Brittana gods. 

"And Glee Club will never end, Mr. Shue, because… you are Glee Club. And you’re in all of us now."
"We all have more songs to sing. We just can’t sing them in here anymore. Glee club is officially over."

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brittana round II

me:did i reblog this brittana thing already?
me:it doesn't even fucking matter
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